From: Jason Kelley [[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2007 12:39 PM
To: Jack Porter; David Purvines
Subject: Safety Ideas that work

Attachments: _0307135542_001.pdf

   My name is Jason Kelley; I am the “New” Safety Director at Plains Transportation. Since I have been in this office (9 months), I/We have had an on going problem with trailer damage both reported and unreported. In an attempt to control this

Costly problem we are trying something new to us.

  Currently there are two weekly yard inspections in which we put eyes on every piece of equipment that happens to be on the yard at that time. Any new damage noted is recorded, stickerd-with date, then investigated. Any new damage to power units or possible DOT problem is noted also, at which time the driver is notified. At the same time, the on site shops continuously watch for new damage.

   Any thing noted during inspection is kept in a separate folder for each unit. This alone will save time in reinvestigating damages as well extra phone calls. Please see attached sample sticker. These are clear stickers in which we write the date reported on the trailer, the put the sticker over the writing which helps avoid fading.