Essential Performance Indicators (EPIs)

Utilizing decades of experience and thorough research, the StakUp team has developed a set of performance metrics we like to call Essential Performance Indicators (EPIs for short). During development, the StakUp team sought to identify those metrics which should be the primary focus of almost all Motor Carriers today. Too often, managers focus too much on a wide range of indicators. Although important, it creates a job in itself to track and interpret all this data. Conversely, many small carriers don’t have the systems, money, nor the time to track the same performance metrics as larger industry competitors. EPIs are not the compromise to this dichotomy, it is simply the better answer. For the large carriers, focusing on EPIs instead of an endless list of metrics is, in our opinion, a better use of management time. For small carriers, using these EPIs establishes a set of pre-tested standards to better predict growth and minimize risk.

Coupled with the StakUp ranking system, Motor Carriers can see how they are performing historically, but more importantly their competition. This combination is the key to success and ongoing accountability.