OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts – Part II

  Last week we talked about the differences between OE and aftermarket parts. Now for the money question – what’s my optimum mix between them? Like a good economist once said “it all depends”. Like many things, the least expensive option rarely is the best one. You also don’t want to just go with the most expensive option, unless you have done your homework and determined if it brings you.

OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

  How much time do you spend thinking about parts? Do you buy solely OEM, or do you only look at aftermarket? Do you know the the difference between rebuilt and remanufactured parts? Using the wrong mix could be hurting your bottom line. OE (original equipment) is the easiest to understand. These are the same parts that were on the truck when it was delivered to you. There is no.

Become a A/R Ninja

  Aside from delivering freight, Accounts Receivable management is one of the most important business activities for any Motor Carrier. As with all businesses, cash flow is always a primary concern. Inefficient receivables management is one of the primary reasons for business failure within the Trucking Industry. If you are not already doing some of these, here are the top nine ways to get your cash flow back on track:.

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