Addressing Driver Turnover: Just Ask!

  There are a many ways to create a driver-centered culture, and if done properly they are all capable of being fun and effective. With driver turnover cost estimates ranging from $6000.00 dollars up to $12,000 dollars per person, it certainly makes monetary sense to invest in turning your company into a fun place to work and as a by-product reduce turnover. So how do you do it? One of.

Managing People Effectively by Ray Haight

  I had an epiphany about 10 years ago when I, along with the other members of the senior executive of the company I was working with, took a training course titled “Management by Responsibility”. This eight-week course opened my eyes to both human behaviour and my own behaviour to the point that it literally changed the way I look at the world. I know that the other managers enjoyed.

Engaging for Success

  Over the past three months, I’ve had many interesting and enlightening phone calls with trucking executives from all over North America. Most of these conversations have been both pleasant and productive. Although the term ‘benchmarking’ is a relatively unknown term to many, almost every Owner or Executive I speak to is open to evaluating any tool which will potentially increase profitability, efficiency, or perhaps reduce overall corporate risk. However,.

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