Addressing Driver Turnover: Just Ask!

  There are a many ways to create a driver-centered culture, and if done properly they are all capable of being fun and effective. With driver turnover cost estimates ranging from $6000.00 dollars up to $12,000 dollars per person, it certainly makes monetary sense to invest in turning your company into a fun place to work and as a by-product reduce turnover. So how do you do it? One of.

Safety Pays!

  Some recent data released by TCAinGauge has revealed some exciting information; it’s exciting for a couple reasons. First, by way of background, the Truckload Carriers Association’s industry benchmarking program has been measuring individual company operating data for the truckload sector for well over a decade. Just recently their new online offering has released data that at one time was held close by the companies that participate in the program..

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